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Sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow!

Embark on a greener future with Reliance Rubber & Plastic Industries LLC where eco-friendly manufacturing meets innovation.

Vinyl Flooring Solutions For The Healthcare Sector

Quality Vinyl Flooring & Accessories (Skirtings, Capping Seals, Cove Former, Stair Edging) and much more to cater to the requirements of the flooring industry.

Waterproofing Solutions For Concrete Structures

Discover a wide range of high-quality water-proofing products such as PVC Waterstop, Hydrophillic swellable waterbar, EPDM Membrane designed to safeguard your structure against the damaging effect of water and moisture.

Architectural Aluminium Systems Architectural Aluminium Systems

uPVC, ABS, ASA Profiles For The Architectural Aluminium Systems

Crafted to meet the most exacting standards, our customized uPVC, ABS, and ASA profiles go beyond mere quality, guaranteeing durability for the architectural aluminum system applications.
Vinyl Flooring Accessories

Vinyl Flooring

Our product range includes all types of Skirtings, Capping Seals, Cove Formers, Stair Nosing and much more to cater to the requirements of the flooring industry.

Water Proofing Products


Reliance Industries produces top-quality waterproofing products crafted from the highest-grade Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC).

Architectural Finishing Products

Architectural Finishing Products

As a prominent manufacturer, we specialize in high-quality Architectural Finishing Products, including uPVC Tile Trims, Metal Skirting, and more.

Architectural Aluminium Applications

The finest quality uPVC/ABS Thermal Break Profiles for Aluminum System Manufacturers are manufactured by Reliance Industries.


Expansion Joint

Designed to address thermal movement in floors and walls, our expansion joint system offers effective solutions for various applications.


Rubber & PVC

Specializing in PVC , TPV extrusion, we produce custom-made profile available in various designs & colors for diverse industries.

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About Us

Welcome to Reliance

Reliance Industries LLC is preferred in the region as a quality manufacturer of Vinyl Flooring accessories such as Skirting, Capping Seals, Cove Formers, Stair Edging, etc. It produces 100-plus products with 1,000 colour possibilities, to satisfy every need of the Vinyl Flooring industry. "This is our edge. Reliance also represents one of the world's leading vinyl flooring brands in the UAE. Reliance produces the finest quality uPVC/Rigid PVC and ABS Profiles for Architectural Aluminium Systems and is a prominent supplier to many European Aluminium Systems manufacturers.

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Inspiring Solutions

Reliance Rubber & Plastic Industries LLC is a trusted name for its quality products and services. Reliance Industries is engaged with various multinational Companies to support their ongoing projects and operations in the region and beyond; as our products enjoy an indispensable value for money and quality. Reliance products are known for their niche edge. Development is a continuous process at Reliance, as it keeps focusing on research.

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Latest Projects

We have established a renowned reputation for crafting premium rubber and plastic products. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in every project we take on, consistently exceeding expectations and symbolizing our relentless dedication to quality and innovation.

Atlantis The Royal
Atlantis The Royal
Sheik Khalifia Hospital
Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital
One Zabeel
One Zabeel
Abu Dhabi University
Abu Dhabi University
Museum of the Future
Museum of the Future
Tawam Hospital
Tawam Hospital
Kuwait International Airport Expansion
Kuwait International Airport Expansion
Red Sea Global
Red Sea Global
Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times

Published: Tue 5 Jan 2021, 9:37 AM

Rehan Khan, the Managing Director of Reliance Rubber & Plastic Industries LLC, is a perfectionist, per se. He is articulate to the core and believes in churning out quality products. His acumen in research and product specialty distinguishes him from his contemporaries. He is an accomplished person, and believes in picking the best from everywhere. This is why his company is relied upon for by-products in the construction industry as it has successfully carved out a niche place for itself.

Khan understands the importance of perfect selection of 'man, material, machine, method' for sustainable manufacturing process. He believes in producing the best quality, and this is why he is quite generic and generous, too, in terms of valuing manpower; and at the same time, he has a craving for best processing machinery and equipment. His industrial production facility in Umm Al Quwain is organised, sophisticated and duly accredited under international standards for quality production.

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